"It all started for me...

when I was as a young boy growing up in Canada, my brother was gifted a pretty decent video camera one fortuitous Christmas day, and he and I spent the next 3 years of our lives filming satirical (and often dangerous) sagas in the forest around our house. These sagas were then lent the professional edge of worthy composers and without premeditating it, my brother and I found our love of film. 


That’s me on the left.

Ain’t I cute

Growing up, my family moved a lot, and this had its inevitable good parts and bad parts. I learned to capture and preserve the moment, I saw the world from many DIFFERENT sides, my consciousness was expanded. But additionally, I lost touch with my peers, I never grew old with anything, I grew wide, shallow roots instead of sturdy, deep ones.

Still Frame Storytelling started many years later after much journeying and has developed into a comprehensive Content Creation Media House where any kind of dynamic content need might be delivered by a team dedicated to expressive brilliance, and exceptional visual storytelling. 

We have found that (when given the chance) everyone has a story to tell. We would be thrilled to put our creative team to work on your project, whatever it may be.

-The SFS Team